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Font Fight by College Humor

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if each typeface had personality. Very similar to this, Font Fight by College Humor
These videos are hilarious,

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Color Bar Mighty Wallet

The things that people think of. If this catches on (which it probably will), I am going to make the matching hand bag.

Back on the Campaign Trail

It was brought to my attention that Geico is a company that can stand to have numerous on-going campaigns. Here are a few:

BED INTRUDER SONG!!! (now on iTunes)

It's unfortunate this narrative is at the expense of these people. Considering this was the #1 Youtube Video of the year, I don't it's all bad.

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Just because I am a fan again!
The funny thing is all the Victoria Secret Fashion seen in this show is not for sale in stores. The fashion was eccentric and I enjoyed every bit of the show.


Just because I am a huge fan....and I secretly want to be an angel. Secrets out!

Black Eyed Peas - The Time (Dirty Bit)

There are some interesting aspects to this video. There are a host of effects including some slow motions and pixelations. Another thing is how they make the video seem as if its production is low quality but with all the effects I know its simply just for looks! As far as the narrative elements in the video, the lyrics simply describe having the time of your life (at a party of course).

Friday, November 19, 2010

December 2010 Cover of GQ

Stephen ColbertPatriot of the Year
He bleeds Red, White, and Blue!

Build A Company With Social Media

I just finished my 1st week at my new job, where I am a Marketing Assistant. The company I work for is trying to see the how social media can benfit them. I found this info graphic interesting.

Social Media Building
So much discussion in the SEO community today centers around social media because of its potential to drive traffic, increase awareness, and build links. The challenge of this new medium, though, is to marry social media tactics with real business goals. Here we explore some ways that a business can leverage specific social sites to achieve departmental goals

Info Graphic

Map of Online Communities (2007)
Goegraphical Area represents membership size

Online Communities

Nike Fan Allegedly Designs NFL Uniforms

The Rumor is out that Nike officially takes over in 2012 as the NFL uniform supplier. Nike's Brand President Charlie Denson said that the NFL uniforms were outdated and Nike would be making big changes to rectify that.
If the Nike uniform design sketches that are popping up on message boards are indeed legit (many believe Nike has leaked them in hopes of getting easy feedback from teams and consumers), then the NFL is about to be propositioned with one of the most drastic rebranding campaigns in sports history.

Below are example of the "new" uniforms for the Maimi Dolphins, Denver Broncos, Pittburg Steeleers, Dallas Cowboys and the New Englang Patriots!

Miami ( ( ( (
New England (

Friday, November 12, 2010

Packaged Wine...Not Boxed!

Did you ever think that wine would be literally packaged by the glass? Well, Mark and Spencer has done it!

As if boxed wine and mini-bottles weren't controversial enough now we have wine packaged in individual glasses. Marks & Spencer debuted the individual serving sizes called "Le Froglet" in the UK this summer and has now started offering them in Hong Kong at their M&S food shop in Wanchai. A sign that they're doing well? Perhaps. M&S reports that more than one glass is sold every minute.

Although the glasses are, of course, not really glass. It took 18 months of development to come up with the design, which includes a plastic wine glass, a leak-proof paper top, and even "inert filling technology" to keep the wine from being exposed to oxygen inside the packaging. The single-serve glasses are geared to impromptu picnickers or people who want just one glass with dinner and according to the WSJ they actually taste better than expected, as long as you don't let them sit too long after opening. Le Froglet comes in three flavors, Shiraz, Rosé, and Chardonnay, for about $5 each.

Innovative Fashion

This is the latest innovative technological fashion. has launched their new line of colorful USB Flash drive cufflinks. The Robert Graham USB Flash Drive Cufflinks have a total of 4GB storage capacity (2GB in each cufflink). The top of the cufflink pops off leaving the rest of the cufflink attached so you don't have to remove them to access your ready-at-the-wrist data storage. The cuffs come in paisley and rainbow patterns in addition to the leaf design shown above and sell for $228. also sells engravable gold-plated and sterling silver cufflinks

Ms. Pacman Music Video - The Go! Team

I saw this video this morning and thought this was a creative way to execute something so classic! Enjoy!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Simple Narrative

I absolutely love cartoons and comics. They seem so simply put together. Here is an example of a narrative executed through a comic strip.

Hulk's award winning performance

Story Time

As we figure out what our narratives are, here is a list I found via yahoo, that will help the creative process.

There will always be the
1. Man versus man.
2. Man versus nature.
3. Man versus self.
4. Man versus man’s work.
in writing.

1. QUEST - the plot involves the Protagonist's search for a person, place or thing, tangible or intangible (but must be quantifiable, so think of this as a noun; i.e., immortality).
2. ADVENTURE - this plot involves the Protagonist going in search of their fortune, and since fortune is never found at home, the Protagonist goes to search for it somewhere over the rainbow.
3. PURSUIT - this plot literally involves hide-and-seek, one person chasing another.
4. RESCUE - this plot involves the Protagonist searching for someone or something, usually consisting of three main characters - the Protagonist, the Victim & the Antagonist.
5. ESCAPE - plot involves a Protagonist confined against their will who wants to escape (does not include some one trying to escape their personal demons).
6. REVENGE - retaliation by Protagonist or Antagonist against the other for real or imagined injury.
7. THE RIDDLE - plot involves the Protagonist's search for clues to find the hidden meaning of something in question that is deliberately enigmatic or ambiguous.
8. RIVALRY - plot involves Protagonist competing for same object or goal as another person (their rival).
9. UNDERDOG - plot involves a Protagonist competing for an object or goal that is at a great disadvantage and is faced with overwhelming odds.
10. TEMPTATION - plot involves a Protagonist that for one reason or another is induced or persuaded to do something that is unwise, wrong or immoral.
11. METAMORPHOSIS - this plot involves the physical characteristics of the Protagonist actually changing from one form to another (reflecting their inner psychological identity).
12. TRANSFORMATION - plot involves the process of change in the Protagonist as they journey through a stage of life that moves them from one significant character state to another.
13. MATURATION - plot involves the Protagonist facing a problem that is part of growing up, and from dealing with it, emerging into a state of adulthood (going from innocence to experience).
14. LOVE - plot involves the Protagonist overcoming the obstacles to love that keeps them from consummating (engaging in) true love.
15. FORBIDDEN LOVE - plot involves Protagonist(s) overcoming obstacles created by social mores and taboos to consummate their relationship (and sometimes finding it at too high a price to live with).
16. SACRIFICE - plot involves the Protagonist taking action(s) that is motivated by a higher purpose (concept) such as love, honor, charity or for the sake of humanity.
17. DISCOVERY - plot that is the most character-centered of all, involves the Protagonist having to overcome an upheavel(s) in their life, and thereby discovering something important (and buried) within them a better understanding of life (i.e., better appreciation of their life, a clearer purpose in their life, etc.)
18. WRETCHED EXCESS - plot involves a Protagonist who, either by choice or by accident, pushes the limits of acceptable behavior to the extreme and is forced to deal with the consequences (generally deals with the psychological decline of the character).
19. ASCENSION - rags-to-riches plot deals with the rise (success) of Protagonist due to a dominating character trait that helps them to succeed.
20. DECISION - riches-to-rags plot deals with the fall (destruction) of Protagonist due to dominating character trait that eventually destroys their success.

Armani Campaign - Housekeeping ft Cristiano Ronaldo

This Armani ad with soccer star Christiano Renaldo is the latest buzz. This ad confirms that sex sells and has has 7 million views since it debut a week ago. The question is how will Armani's sales be affected by this ad. It doesnt make me want to buy Armani but I don't mind the commercial playing over and over, which will probably convince me to buy something Armani.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Check It Out

Will-i-am, Nicki Minaj collaborate to create an ode to Japanese Anime with their new song entitled "Check It Out"

Life Size Barbie

MTV released its Hottest MC list and Nicki Minaj is the first female on the list, which speaks volume for her career considering she has not yet debut her first album Pink Friday, scheduled to be in stores November 19th.  And isn’t ironic that her album is entitled Pink Friday and debuts one week before Black Friday. Is this a marketing strategy? I don’t doubt that it is but speaking of marketing, it’s no secret that Nicki Minaj has marketed and branded herself as a Barbie. Every girl has owned a Barbie at one point or another in their life time, making Nicki Minaj a relative public figure among many women and girls.
Nicki Minaj has taken being a Barbie to the next level on the cover her new album Pink Friday. The artist posed as a Barbie dressed in pink from head to toe. While I personally think the concept of the album cover is cute and rather creative, there are some issues. Her arms are not visible in the photo and her legs are ridiculously long when compared to her torso, ultimately making her look as if she was a doll laying there.

Willow Smith - Whip My Hair

Your 9 year old won’t clean their room, while Will and Jada Smith’s 9 year old daughter, Willow Smith, is making her mark on the pop charts with her new single Whip my Hair. This video has great use of concept allowing the viewer to further enjoy the song. Great use of color , and the setting in a school gives it the juvenile edge it needs for a 9 year old girl.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things…Words that is

Here is a list of my favorote words I use everyday:

Fantasy Factory

Rob Dydek’s Fantasy Factory Theme has many visual concepts explaining what Fantasy Factory is. From the skate board ramps to the pit, to the Lion Head infatuation that Rob’s cousin Drama has. Let’s not forget Meaty, Rob’s dog. All these elements are combined to create a conceptual intro to the show.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Your business card is CRAP!

While watching Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory, I came across an episode in which Rob invited a motivational speaker to talk to his staff. In the process the speaker gives Rob a one on one about his business card.

Friday, October 15, 2010


A friend of mine by the name of Deemont Peekaso has brought canvas painting a new edge. He is oftem seen on stage with R&B artist Raheem Devaugn or in the lounges and nightclubs of Washington D.C.

Here's his story:
Born at the Mecca of culture and diversity but raised in the city of innovation and originality, during the era of the urban explosion, one of Art's new-school visionaries was conceived. Demont Peekaso, self proclaimed "God's Puppet" was born in Queens, NY and moved to the Washington DC Metro area in the late 80's. He had a passion for Art early in his childhood. He first realized the impact of his talent when he designed his school's yearbook cover and painted murals on the school's walls in 1991. Demont Pinder graduated from High Point High School, a magnet school for gifted students with academic honors. It was there that he left his government name and then the light bulb illuminated. He soon moved his creations from paper and the schoolhouse wall to fabric. Peekaso painted designs on T-shirts and jeans for himself, friends and family. This is where Art became Fashion.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Teach Me How To Dougie

Boston Celtic Glen Big Baby Davis has found himself drooling over the latest trend in dancing , the Dougie. A move named after hip hop legend Dougie Fresh, this dance that was most popular among children has made its way into the homes of adults. Enjoy!

I wonder, if you ask someone to teach you how to dougie, is it a call to action. :-)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Call to Action

When thinking about a call to action, remember it’s not to sell something, think of it as a Public Service Announcement rather than a commercial.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Chase Rewards

This Chase Ad conceptualizes the idea that ribbon relative to rewards, which is what they are trying to promote; Chase Rewards. The fact that the ribbon is in the shapes of the Eifel Tower would suggest that is you engage in Chase Rewards, you may find yourself on a trip to Paris France.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ray Ban Ad Campaign

Never Hide, these Ads for Ray Ban’s Wayfere frame with ____prints. They all relate in theme, with bright colors and patterns. Each ad is illustrated, with the Wayfere frame placed on the face of someone along with the text Never Hide. Never Hide is a great tag line, simply because sunglasses are not made simply for the sun and Ray Ban realizes that. Never Hide simply means not to hide behind the frame. Sunglasses give you the ability to see people that can’t see you, allowing you to hide

Monday, October 4, 2010


Campaign- a series of messages that share a single idea and theme which make up an integrated marketing communication

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Drake not only uses Kodak but also drinks Sprite. Check out this conceptual commercial.

Monday, September 27, 2010


Concept is defined as an abstract idea that shows a connection is something that is usually not relative.

Letters and Numbers

I saw a license plate that said TRUF8TH and thought about how letters and number coexist in society. I looked at it for awhile, trying to figure out what it said exactly. I soon realized it was meant to be read as True Faith. It makes me think about text language, using numbers to spell, make communication more efficient.
Here are a few examples:
 l8r = later
 2= to, too
4get = forget

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Red Bull Gives You Bull

Read between the Label
When you’re on the go nonstop, it’s easy to grab an energy drink to give you that pep to keep going. Many students find the nearest Starbucks on the corner to get a caffeine boost, while some grab a Monster energy drink or a 5 hour energy. With all the controversy surrounding Red Bull, mainly with athletics, I would suggest researching what the product entails.
A friend told me that Red Bull was actually Bull urine. He explained there is an ingredient in Red Bull called Taurine (sounding very similar to Toro, as in bull) that is extracted from an actual bull and used in Red Bull. He went on to confirm his argument saying, “Why do you think it’s yellow? It’s pee.”
Wikipedia says: Taurine is an organic acid. It is a major constituent of bile and can be found in the lower intestine and in the tissues of many animals, including humans.
 He continued to explain how bulls are full of testosterone, making them strong and energetic. That is why when you drink a Red Bull the boost you feel, or the “wings” as they like to call it is actually a dose of bull testosterone found in taurine. What makes this worse is that on the label it clearly states “With Taurine.” It is unfortunate that most of those who drink Red Bull are completely ignorant to what they are drinking.

"Weird Al" Yankovic - Eat It

In the spirit of bad food, I thought it would only be appropriate to post this parody video of Weird Al Yank entitled Just Eat it


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bad Food Foto

Show & Tell 1
I absolutely love food, and sure don’t discriminate. I’m willing to try almost anything edible and 9 times out of 10, I like it. When I see a picture of food, it gives me a warm feeling inside. You might call it hunger. I get excited about the food item and usually crave that food until I actually cook/order it and indulge. Here is an example of bad food photography. It was taken out of a North Carolina tourist magazine. I love BBQ but this is just a bit much….no wait….way too much. I understand their need to inform the masses of their massive menu, but somebody should have told them “less is more.”
On a designers note, why would they use pig character dressed in clothing to promote pork BBQ? Just a thought, a pig would not be happily serving you or me (their) ribs on a platter.

Im So Radioactive

Radioactive [rey-dee-oh-ak-tiv] 
–adjective Physics, Chemistry .
of, pertaining to, exhibiting, or caused by radioactivity.  
It is better described as a substance such as uranium or plutonium that emits energy in the form of streams of particles, owing to the decaying of its unstable atoms. This energy can be damaging or fatal to the health of people exposed to it.

Welcome to Radioactive, a blog completely reinvented. Reinvented, simpy because I owe it to myself to to make the most of  I chose to entitle my blog Radioactive because the word has multiple meanings to me. The traditional definition is stated above, but I would describe myself as Radioactive, because I am a complete radio junkie, active in all aspects of the field. I am a radio personality by day and a design student by night. So as the two [radio+design] worlds collide, I embark to discover things in my Radioactive life, and view them in a designers eye. Im so RADIOACTIVE!